A glance to the first year of JMCEG

The first year of Jean Monnet Chair on European Governance – in short, JMCEG – proved to be a busy and exciting experience, including various events and a number of courses.

In terms of events, the year started with the preparation of a kick-off seminar on “Differentiated Integration after Brexit” held in November 2017, which brought together young and established scholars to reflect on the future direction of European integration. It aimed to forge and expand an interdisciplinary network of scholars working on the topic and go beyond existing conceptualizations or differentiated integration. One of the participants of this event, Prof. Frank Schimmelfenning from ETH Zürich, concisely explains why it is so important to talk about differentiated integration in post-Brexit times.

The latter half of the first year of JMCEG included a seminar held in April 2018 for language teachers on the topic of “Future of Europe: Current Trends in France, Germany and Spain”, examining the key challenges EU member-states are currently facing, singling out the so-called refugee crisis, the rise of Euroscepticism and separatism as well as the terrorist threat.

Furthermore, before the summer holidays the JMCEG hosted two larger events aimed at fostering the dialogue between the academic world and policy makers in matters regarding EU and EU policies. The first one, workshop on ‘EU macro-regional strategies: Learning from experience, learning from each other – in a laboratory for the new Europe’ held 5 June in Tallinn, Estonia, was co-organized by the JMCEG, the EUSBSR Horizontal Action Capacity, Anders Bergström, and the Interact Program, Turku, represented by Baipa Liepa and Jörg Mirtl. The second one, the first Jean Monnet Forum held at UiA on 26 June, hosted the EU’s Ambassador to Norway, Thierry Béchet. It addressed the EU’s impact and role of the regional and municipal level in Norway, and included a panel debate with the Ambassador, Harald Furre, Mayor of Kristiansand, and Per Christian Lunden, Mayor of Risør.

The Chairholder and the team would like to thank all participants and contributors of the first year’s activities! Stay tuned for the JMCEG events during the academic year 2018-2019 – more information will follow.

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