Workshop on “EU macro-regional strategies: Learning from experience, learning from each other – in a laboratory for the new Europe”

The Jean Monnet Chair organized a workshop in the framework of the 9th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR held in Tallinn, Estonia, 5 June 2018. The event was organized by the JMCEG, the EUSBSR Horizontal Action Capacity and the Interact Program, Turku.

A short seminar report is available here. Read also more about EUSBSR and its objectives here.

Hva rører seg i Europa? Et fugleperspektiv på samfunnsutviklingen i Frankrike, Tyskland og Spania

As the first JMCEG event on the year 2018, the Chair and its team organized a seminar on 3.4.2018 for language teachers on the topic of “Future of Europe: Current Trends in France, Germany and Spain”, examining the key challenges EU member-states are currently facing, singling out the so-called refugee crisis, the rise of Euroscepticism and separatism as well as the terrorist threat.

Approximately 35 teachers participated in the event. For a sneak peek on the topics addressed in the seminar, check out the seminar slides (in Norwegian): Hva rører seg i Europa. Fagdag Vågsbygd vgs 3.4.2018 .

UACES CRN “Differentiated integration after ‘Brexit’” kick-off at UiA’s Jean Monnet Chair

After the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, have we reached a ‘tipping point’ in the history of European integration, i.e. are we moving away from an ‘ever closer Union’ and heading towards an ‘ever more differentiated Union’? Secondly, how can differentiated (dis)integration be conceptualised after Brexit? And which integrated policy areas are most likely to be affected by the Brexit vote?

On November 22-23, 2017, the kick-off workshop of the UACES Collaborative Research Network (UACES CRN, 2017-20) on “Differentiated integration after ‘Brexit’” at UiA’s Jean Monnet Chair brought together together scholars to reflect on the future direction of European integration after the Brexit referendum.  One of the participants of this event, Prof. Frank Schimmelfenning from ETH Zürich, concisely explains why it is so important to talk about differentiated integration in post-Brexit times.

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